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Starr the Insane

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About me

Returning to college after several years out in the real world. I needed to find out what I want to do with my life and instead learned what I don't want to do with it. Hopefully I'll get a degree in Liberal Studies: Art, with support in Psychology.
*And please stop sending me desperate love letters. I'm not listing myself here, I'm listing my movies and books. I'm engaged. I'm sorry you're so hard up, but you really know nothing about me and seem to be expecting me to drop everything to commit to you and only you forever. I'm glad I'm not better looking, because if I had people hitting on me in real life, I'd probably want to strangle them after a while.*

Occupation: College student -TSU

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Fun and pink!

Posted : 14 years, 8 months ago on 11 February 2007 12:21 (A review of Nintendo DS Lite)

The fact that this is the only pink anything I own doesn't really matter when I'm playing games. The DS has great battery life, innovative interface, and you can play Nintendo's good ol' fun-n-games titles. The game selection is definitely in keeping with classic Nintendo. There are a few serious games, but all make good use of the dual screens. This system also plays GBA games. The only problem with that lies within individual games (Going from Super Mario World on SNES, to the GBA with just the A and B, and then back to DS with X and Y also, it's a little awkward trying to hold the run button).

The closing lid keeps your screens nice while you're not playing; the extra stylus (though I have not had to use it yet) is handy. Games are very tiny and you could probably fit the whole line in one pocket (though I wouldn't recommend it).

All in all a very nice system.

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Wonderfully strange!

Posted : 14 years, 8 months ago on 11 February 2007 12:10 (A review of Cat Soup)

This is a movie I love showing to my friends when they visit. Since there is very little dialogue, it's easy to just sneak this one in when no one's looking. Then when they see the strange visuals, everyone stops to watch, and says, "Oh my god! What is this?" It's fun, a little creepy, and the story is simple, but has a very twisted and roundabout progression. I would compare it to Yellow Submarine. It's surreal and philosophical at best, a kitty cartoon at worst.

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Nice Dice!

Posted : 14 years, 8 months ago on 3 February 2007 03:30 (A review of Dice Mage the Awakening)

It's a toss-up whether I like these or the Promethean dice better. The Mage dice are a deep swirling royal blue with gold and white numbers. The set of ten 10-sided dice come in a blue bag with the Mage logo printed in white on the front. It's a great little set to get you in the mood for Mage. And you can never have too many sets of dice, right?

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D&D at Sea!

Posted : 14 years, 8 months ago on 2 February 2007 09:32 (A review of Stormwrack: Mastering the Perils of Wind and Wave (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Environment Supplement))

This book is a wonderful supplement to any D&D collection. For gamers wishing to take their party on a seafaring adventure, this book is essential. Chapter 1 cites marine terrain, weather patterns and modifiers, various aquatic locations, and rules on sailing and maneuvering ships for travel and battle. Excellent help when deciding the length and perils of the journey ahead.
Chapter 2 is all about races. Four new races are introduced in this book; the Aventi, the Aquatic elf, the Hadozee (a race of ocean-loving apes), and my very favorite new race so far, the Darfellan (think "orca people"). Other races are variations on the standard D&D races.
Chapter 3 gives new class options, and 7 prestige classes like the Leviathan Hunter or Stormcaster. Chapters 4 and 6 are all new feats, skills, spells and magic items.
Chapter 5 gives details on different ships and equipment one might use.
Chapter 7 is 35 pages of new monsters. The Coral Golem alone is worth it! Plus the Hippocampus, Dire Eel, Seawolf, Caller from the Deeps, and a CR13 Scyllan (featured on the cover illustration).
The last chapter gives a few locales to test out the new rules (encounter info is listed in the Appendix).

If you love pirate movies, Greek mythology, or just always wanted to have underwater adventures, this book will bring all those awesome elements straight to your gaming table.

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Starter Dice

Posted : 14 years, 8 months ago on 30 January 2007 05:27 (A review of Dungeons & Dragons Dice: Dungeons & Dragons Accessory (Dungeon & Dragons Roleplaying Game: RPG Accessories))

This dice are colorful yet plain, handy yet often unlucky. They are great starter dice for someone getting into the gaming scene (the color-coded dice help you find the one with the right number of sides), but players who are quite familiar with the shape of various sizes of dice will want to choose their own personal set soon. Good companies for this are Crystal Caste (for actual stone dice!) or Chessex (for a wide variety of colorful (matching) sets.

We purchased several set of these dice when they went on sale at the bookstore. The original price is pretty steep considering there are some really fancy sets that only cost you $6.

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